Hello :)


My name is Imogen and I’ve always wanted to start a blog and so this is a first for me.

I like using the ‘:)’ and ‘<3’ emoticons and i spend most of my time on the computer wasting my life away playing addictive games and facebook :D.

I have twitter too but not many people follow me which isn’t great but at least i have a few people who spend their time following pointless people like me 🙂

Sorry at grammar mistakes.

I am from England and the furthest i’ve ever gone abroad is France but at least it’s somewhere.

I have some really weird phobias such as my phobia of citrus fruits, which, even i don’t understand. And also i have a phobia of berries on pavements… I will literally go around them and carry on from there.

Thanks for bothering to read this, to be honest, if i were you i would have probloably skipped most of that 🙂


@awesomeimogen (Twitter)

@imogeb (Instagram)

Imogen Poogle (Pinterest)

This is me :)


One response to “Hello :)

  1. Hello my dear bean, I am very delightificated (made up word) to meet you! You sound like a very jolly piece of bacon! from naakhonehsa234

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